Our Founders

Vincent Nwankpa


Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Nwankpa founded Eternal Word Communication Ministries in June, 1994 and Eternal Word Christian Schools International on October 9, 1999.  Vincent holds a B. Th. degree from EWCA Theological Seminary, Igbaja, Kwara State, Nigeria, a B.A. in Bible from Bryan College Dayton, Tennessee, a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Biola University, a Master of Arts degree in Bible Translation, and a Ph. D. in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Vincent preaches at the Long Beach Rescue Mission once every month.  He is an elder and Board member at the Long Beach Alliance Church.

 He works for Los Angeles and Lynwood Unified School Districts in California. Vincent is the author of the book "Understanding Cultural Perspectives God's Word and Missions: A Powerful Tool for Theologizing". He loves working with children.

Chinyere Nwankpa


Chinyere received both Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree in Christian Education in diversified major from Talbot School of Theology, 1992 (Biola University).  She also obtained her teaching credential from National University

Chinyere loves children and brings into teaching a dynamic social relevance that motivate and empowers students to embrace learning. She is an excellent role model both to her peers as well as students. Chinyere taught at Brethren Elementary School, Norwalk, California. She currently teaches for Lynwood Unified School District, where she had the honor of receiving the 1995/96 new teacher of the year award.

Chinyere will like to use this opportunity to thank you for all that you do, in particular for supporting the work of EWCM