EWCM a Christian organization dedicated to educate children academically in the light of an understanding of God’s Word, providing teachings in faith and Christian living that will produce a better quality of life. This desirable quality of life will replicate itself when it affects families, their communities and the rest of the world.


EWCM was founded in 1994 by Dr. Vincent and Chinyere Nwankpa.  Founding of this organization was as a result of urgent need to help in any possible way to lift up the spirit of millions of Nigerian children who were/are behind. These children were/are suffering pain, trauma and deprived of equal opportunity to quality education.


Therefore, our mission is to provide holistic education that will change life and raise hope by equipping each child with essential skills necessary for a life-long service to God and humanity. To achieve its goals, EWCM systematically integrates God’s Word into its instruction, believing God for a positive result.


Eternal Word Communication Ministries (EWCM)


EWCM has both USA and Nigerian governing Boards were inorguarated.


Currently EWCM runs a school in Owerri, Nigeria.  It is anticipated a record number of 800 students will be registered in the school by the end of the school year. The secondary school department is in need of science laboratories (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry).  If you are touched to donate equipment or money to help with these needs, it will be appreciated.  The management plans to add one more story on the two existing ones to provide more classrooms for students. We welcome any donations towards this project.


Eternal Word Communication Ministries' activities are Managed by a Board in the United States of America and another in Nigeria.


Our Mission